White collar crime is not new to India, but the scale is.

The spectacular growth India has enjoyed in the past decade has driven the stakes higher than ever before, and has had an unintended casualty – ethics.

The growth that brought a flood of opportunities and created entrepreneurs has also enabled scam artists. Businessmen who had nothing to do with power generation, for instance, try to set up power projects. Colleges sprout on vast acreages in the middle of nowhere, with few students and fewer teachers. Warehouses and retail space sometimes serve as facades for real estate plays.

In this occasionally unholy dash, aspiration sometimes outpaces ability, and men resort to murky means. Access to funds and approvals become the tallest hurdles to profiteering, but some enterprising ones find ingenious ways around these obstacles.

In this, they are abetted by another consequence of our dramatic growth – greed. Men who held staid jobs for years suddenly find themselves as gatekeepers, controlling the flow of money and approvals. Some fall to temptation.

These are stories of the black sheep of corporate India. How far are they from reality? Gentle Reader, you be the judge.

In the Press:

While comparisons to veteran thriller writer John Grisham are inevitable, Raman’s writing is more inspired by the older canon of  crime writing – The New Indian Express
Raman goes the Christie way in this excellent closed-room mystery that keeps us guessing till the very end even when the clues are out in the open – The Statesman
RV Raman picks a crime fiction to make a debut and weaves a tight plot and a clear narrative to keep you engrossed – The Hindustan Times
Fraudster (Hachette) is an amusing work by first-time author, RV Raman, challenging some of the stereotypes in the genre of thrillers. The way the book is pieced together is remarkable, in that it looks nicely webbed – The New Indian Express
If art imitates life, then we all need to be very worried. RV Raman’s novel, Fraudster, is an insider’s account of the less than salubrious side of the corporate world – Deccan Chronicle



  1. Damodar baliga

    Dear sri Raman,
    I had happened to buy your first book “fraudster” on the first day of realease and had completed the entire book overnight. I am an avid fan of corporate thriller and I read only Indian authors.
    It is my previlege to have been able to read your books. I was keenly awaiting for your second book, which I had the opportunity to buy it today as soon as it hit the book store in Mangalore.
    It is Indeed a blessing to have such great writers in India.
    Thank you for the wonderful books. Pray to almighty to Contineously enlighten you with many such spine chilling books.
    I remain .
    With regards
    Damodar Baliga

    • Dear Mr Baliga

      Thank you very much for writing in with such encouraging words. I am, of course, delighted that you liked FRAUDSTER. I hope you like INSIDER too.

      Wish you happy reading.


      RV Raman

  2. Good stuff! Looking forward to the next book.

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