Corporate Thrillers



White-collar crime is not new to India. The scale is.

I believe that these novels mirror the reality of corporate India – high stakes, beguiling temptations and lucrative opportunities for the black sheep of corporate India. It is a series of four ‘corporate thrillers’, each set in a different industry. Fraudster is set in the burgeoning banking industry, Insider in our stock market, and Saboteur in the super-charged e-commerce sector in Bangalore. The most recent one (Conspirator) is about fake and paid news, and explores corruption stemming from the media-business-politics nexus. I plan to add to this series in the future.

What is common between these stories is that they construct elaborate white-collar crimes that take advantage of gaping holes in corporate India’s control and governing mechanisms. Not surprisingly, these lead to murders and other ‘run-of-the-mill’ crimes. For the lay crime fiction reader, these novels are a blend of whodunits and thrillers – complete with clues, red herrings, deductions, misdirection and twists. For those who are interested in the intricacies of corporate India’s inner working, there is an additional layer of how high-stakes crime works in our business world.

How far do these stories reflect reality? Gentle reader, you be the judge.


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