Saboteur: The Novel

“So, what makes it a crackerjack plot? Take e-commerce, venture funding, data theft and bots, and blend all that with a female cop on a Royal Enfield out to solve a murder.”

“Inspector Dhruvi Kishore isn’t the cliched choice for a woman character, and throughout the narrative, she doesn’t fail to stand true to her bold character.”

— Hindustan Times.

“What makes Saboteur so fascinatingly readable are the insights it offers into the world of e-commerce.”

“Raman combines fact with fiction to spin a compulsively readable yarn.”

— Deccan Herald.

In a world of stratospheric valuations … where bots mimic humans in Bangalore as men risk millions in Hong Kong … something is not quite right


– AN E-COMMERCE FIRM finds itself targeted by corporate espionage
– A PROSPECTIVE INVESTOR vanishes without a trace
– A KEY EMPLOYEE is murdered in cold blood

MyMagicHat, a high-value, supercharged Bangalore-based e-tailer is on the verge of an unprecedented gamble when suddenly, things start going awry. The company unexpectedly runs out of cash and, to make matters worse, a massive data theft follows. A critical funding round is stalled.

Is someone trying to kill MyMagicHat?

When Inspector Dhruvi Kishore is brought in to investigate, she finds that in the dog-eat-dog world of e-tailing, crime too, is driven by technology. Hidden in the mountains of data and unverified claims lie clues to a massive fraud – one that justifies anything. Even murder.

Saboteur is the third novel in RV Raman’s corporate thriller series that explores white-collar crime in India.

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