Fraudster: The Novel

There are people who will do anything to silence the ones who come in their way, including murder.



– A YOUNG BANKER is found dead a day after she deposes before a commission investigating large-scale financial fraud…
– A DOYEN OF CORPORATE INDIA falls to his death from his South Bombay flat…
– A HIGH-SECURITY SERVER ROOM of a multinational accounting firm is hacked, and the hackers aren’t looking for just company secrets…

Illicit finance, high-stakes crime and vicious manipulation come together in this story of corruption, greed and treachery among corporate India’s black sheep. Arresting, fast-paced and written by an insider from the corporate world, Fraudster will keep you on your toes till the very end.

In verse form! Composed by a reader and a well-wisher:

A banker, she dies, soon after she has deposed
A chairman, he dies, in him trust was reposed
A server, it’s hacked, in it untold secrets composed
Illicit finance and crime coalesce in a thriller proposed
Will all be unravelled as Inspector Ranade disposed?

A roller coaster ride, if ever there was one
A corporate thriller with twists that get undone
Criminals and crooks with scruples none
Keeps you riveted, as the culprits are on the run
Try solving this locked room mystery, it’s fun!

Download Sample (PDF)

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