Surely, there must be men like Professor Moriarty in corporate India. They may not be such intellectual colossuses or consummate masters, but they would share some key traits with him – wile, ingenuity, drive and utter ruthlessness. And they would understand the psychology of temptation.

What kind of schemes would such men device? That is the question I seek to answer through my novels.

Apart from bringing in thousands of crores of rupees (hundreds of millions of dollars), these schemes would have to satisfy the fabled professor’s taste for elegant, thought-through designs; designs that ride on the motivations and vulnerabilities of intelligent but weak men.

My antagonists may not have Moriarty’s guile or panache, and my detectives may be intellectual pygmies before Holmes. Nevertheless, I am taking a shot (four shots, actually) at crafting credible stories of intelligent crimes in corporate India. I plan to write four novels, each set in a different industry.

FRAUDSTER (the first novel) is set in the banking world, INSIDER in the Indian stock market and SABOTEUR in the red-hot Indian eCommerce industry in Bangalore. CONSPIRATOR, the fourth novel is set in the world of fake news, paid news and tailored news – the media industry. It will be out in April 2018. After these, I plan to write a couple of domestic mysteries (whodunits).

Meanwhile, I am also experimenting with short stories (crime) set in contemporary India. Some of them (AMAVAS and GULSHAN PANDEY, UNWITTING ACCOMPLICE) are available on Amazon.


About RV Raman

After a corporate career spanning three decades and four continents, I have moved away from full time roles to pursue my interest in teaching and writing. I now teach business strategy at an IIM, mentor young entrepreneurs, advise select clients and write. In an earlier avatar with global consulting firms, I advised companies, banks, regulators, stock exchanges, governments, etc. on matters of strategy and operations.

Tired of extensive physical travel, I now prefer less punishing mental excursions into fictional worlds of my own creation.

Articles and Interviews:

Thin Lines – Corporate Dossier (PDF)
Castles of Sand: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (PDF)
Corporate Criminal – Asian Age (PDF)
Crime Visits the Corporate Corridors (PDF)
Corporate India is Ideal for Crime Fiction

Reader’s Muse
Bit All Moonshine
So Many Books So Little Time
Books News India

Contact: Facebook | Twitter

Tales from corporate India

  1. Hello Sir,

    I was reading the Corporate Dossier edition of 12th Sep from ET. The section on Thin lines on last page carrying your 5 stories. was really inspiring… It was a good reading.. It gave me some insight to my own situation that Iam in currently and I am sure it would have been so for other readers as well….

    Really appreciate the five unique experiences/ advise of yours

  2. Hello Sir,

    Just finished reading Fraudster. Very well written. I could not keep the book down and that made me cancel some of the plans made by my wife. ( Such a risk 🙂 ) but I truly enjoyed reading it.

    Thank you.


  3. Hello sir!! You are one of my favourite Authors.. I am eagerly waiting for Conspirator. However I would like to know if a kindle edition will be released if the same….

    • Dear Shraddha

      Thanks for writing in. Happy to hear that you like the books.

      Yes, the kindle version is usually released within a week or so of the paperback edition. That would be the case for CONSPIRATOR too. I’m not yet sure of the release dates, but I expect it be around March/April. If you happen to be following my FB Page (, you’ll get to know in advance. It will also be announced on this website.

      Thanks again. Happy reading.

      Best regards


  4. lalita german almeida

    am trying to get your books after reading their review but am unable to get hold of the paper backs please let me know from where i can pick them . i want all of them.

  5. Dear Raman
    I have read your first three books but yet to lay my hands on conspirator. It is a shame i realised it only today that you had brought out your 4th. Placed an order in immediately. I am sure it will be equally a reading treat like your three earlier stories. I must admit you have this uncanny way of story telling in different genres. Each of your novels, albeit being mystery thriller, subtly exposes some of the lacunae in our system be it Bank, IT or detailing.

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