Fantasy Written as Kevan Dinn

I began my writing hobby with an epic fantasy series (The Shinmahs) under the pseudonym, Kevan Dinn. It is a four-book series that describes the story of a small group of men and women with uncommon mental prowess, who come out of self-imposed exile to battle tyranny. What follows is an epic struggle that pitches the extraordinary few against the sheer might of entrenched powers. Using their mental abilities, they battle treachery, sorcery and prodigious physical prowess in an attempt to turn the tide of events.

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The series is available as Kindle books on Amazon.

For more information, please visit the Shinmahs website.

The Setting

Post Cretaceous period. The dinosaurs are extinct. The continents are adrift.

A piece of the original Pangaea landmass that broke away is speeding northeast. It would shortly ram into the Eurasia’s belly. In a few million years, it will be known as the Indian Subcontinent. This piece of Pangaea is surrounded by violent and treacherous seas, and is home to some exotic creatures.

The story of the Shinmahs is set in this prehistoric land where several kingdoms and realms share the world with an array of enigmatic and dangerous beings. While the vast majority of the men and women are normal humans, some have extraordinary mental powers and some others are sorcerers. Not least among their powers is the ability to manipulate minds of men.

Some other rare and ancient beings like the Grand Shadow reside in Pangaea. They have extraordinary powers, and have kept away from affairs of men for thousands of years.

Until now.

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