Hindi Phrases

For readers who are unfamiliar with Hindi and Mumbai colloquialisms, here is a translation of the phrases used in the book:

Page 23 Bindaas Mumbai slang: carefree and easy-going
Page 36 Satra malah ka saab gir gaya! The man from the seventeenth floor has fallen!
Page 50 Saab ka aisa kyon maut hua? Why did Sir have to die in this manner?
Page 50 Bhagwan bahut bura kiya. God has done a very bad thing.
Page 67 Chor ayela hai! A thief has come!” in Mumbai local Hindi.
Page 67 Ab darwaza kholo, madam. Aap baahar hee raho. Now, open the door, Madam. You please stay outside.
Page 166 Kaun chahiye, saab? Whom do you want, Sir?

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